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7 Hairstyles That Can be Done in 3 Minutes

7 Hairstyles That Can be Done in 3 Minutes

We all have been there when we just cannot figure out what to do with our hair. May be we are running late, or we just don’t feel like making an effort; irrespective of what the reason is we have had several mornings like this. Haven’t we? For those who think a stylish hairstyle would

5 Examples of How to Make Bun Hairstyles (Step by Step Tutorial)

From the exclusive People Choice’s fashion trends to the heart winning Oscar’s blockbuster ‘dos, everybody’s dying to know how to make their style game an inspiration lifting it to another voguish echelon. And the celebs; tell me you have no idea how they even get these stunning bun hairstyles that are so hard to replicate

10 Messy Hairstyles those are Actually Better than the Combed One

One girl; just name one girl on this planet who wouldn’t love to flaunt the same hairstyle she did neatly yesterday and then the night made her look more beautiful. It was just one night when the princess got too lazy to untuck the hair and slept with the same. Rolling in-n-out through the beautiful