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How to Have Healthy Glowing Skin

How to Have Healthy Glowing Skin

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some women in their golden years look like Tommy Lee Jones and others have the skin of someone thirty years their junior? I know I have. In a lot of cases plastic surgery has something to do with it but in others it doesn’t. If like me you


All About Your Running Shoes – History, Material and Manufacturing

Footwear is an important aspect of our lives and running shoes even more so. Whether one runs occasionally or every day like a morning ritual, everyone owns at least a single pair of running shoes. And though they cover the feet, there’s a reason why running shoes are different than the other type of shoes.


6 Hand and Nail Care During Summer for Healthy Hands

Hands and nails say a lot about a person, from their lifestyle choices, work ethics, or age. While those with smooth hands and perfectly manicured fingernails enjoy the benefits of this reality, those with unfavorable extremities opt to keep them hidden. From working on the job to household chores and seasonal conditions, Hand and Nail