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Different Types of Makeup Brushes You Must Know About

Different Types of Makeup Brushes You Must Know About

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the makeup as an art. The makeup is a lot more fun when you get to be more creative and experiment a lot of things with it and try on different masks. While it’s fun, it is also a serious and complicated business since one wrong step and your


40 Mother and Daughter Tattoos to Explain your Bonding

Let’s start by emphasizing on a relationship whose love is gentle, irreversible, unaltered and unrequited for. We’re talking about the bond between two generations that spans from a mother giving birth, to a daughter who recuperates and compensates her labour of love through acceptance, charm and attention. There may be a question about how you

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Makeup Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Chubby cheeks were supposed to be the highlight of our childhood. Everybody who considered themselves to be an acquaintance in our lives would consider it highly acceptable to pull our chubby cheeks. However, as we grew up, we thought it would be fairly okay to compare our chubby cheeks with slender faces and consider ourselves


35 Best Winter Hair Color Ideas (Be the New Girl in Town)

Tired of changing your wardrobe and planning for all those parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas? But wait! Have you already thought of your party dresses and your hairstyle to go with it? Whaaaat! Not yet? It’s too late already ladies! Why not think of flaunting different shades of hair colors this winter? If you