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More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

Be it oxfords’, derbys’ or brogues’, dress shoes with a unique lacing style add the sexy to your personality and make you look chic and modish. Come to think of it, lacing shoes with unique styles have not been a creation of the modern era as it has been present for quite some time. However


All About Your Running Shoes – History, Material and Manufacturing

Footwear is an important aspect of our lives and running shoes even more so. Whether one runs occasionally or every day like a morning ritual, everyone owns at least a single pair of running shoes. And though they cover the feet, there’s a reason why running shoes are different than the other type of shoes.


40 Ways to Wear Knee High Boots Outfit this Winter

Life is stressful – balancing work, personal life and upon that the stress to look perfect. With changing climates, so does dressing sense! Indeed, women always have this constant ‘what to wear’ at the back of their mind! It is a famous quote that says, even if life hits you hard, always dress well. That