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Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

Different Types of Shoes Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

Whether you are a teenage girl who is obsessed with heels or you are a grown up working woman who needs the extra boost with her power heels, the one thing is clear about you, you just LOVE shoes. So when it comes to shopping for your favourite accessory that is the shoes that will


40 Ways to Wear Knee High Boots Outfit this Winter

Life is stressful – balancing work, personal life and upon that the stress to look perfect. With changing climates, so does dressing sense! Indeed, women always have this constant ‘what to wear’ at the back of their mind! It is a famous quote that says, even if life hits you hard, always dress well. That


15 Step-by-Step Smart Ways to Tie a Scarf – That Perfect Fall Outfit

Meet our new magician which can be turned into so many diverse styles and will make you look hot, iridescent, winsome and classy! Welcome to the world of scarves. You have no idea what all you can do with a scarf when spring season is gone away. Do you? A Perfect Fall Outfit is incomplete