Shaved Head With Beard – 40 Beard Styles For Bald Men

Dude, trend has changed as always! Now-a-days, being bald means more masculinity and it’s been reportedly said that huge ratio of men and women really like a beardo with bald head! Yeah man, you better feel proud and confident after reading this dynamic and assisting article. If you’re reading this article carefully then you must be a beard-conscious guy who really needs a facial hair styling ideas. Here, you’ll dig out the beard styles for bald men as the images are just for you so is the hash tag trend- #BigBaldBearded.

Beard Styles For Bald Men

Disconnected goatee from mustache:

Honestly speaking, if you are blessed with a dense mustache and goatee then you can amazingly play with the styling. To get this beard style completely, grow a goatee and mustache first and then trim them to have this design. Such beard styling wherein mustache and goatee are not connected could definitely intensify your charisma and overall personality.

Fully grown insane facial hair!

Don’t worry if you get hell of the comments i.e. animal, beast and so on! Let the beard grow naturally for weeks and when it comes to attend a party or function, you can trim it to give it significant shape. Activate the beast inside you with this damn facial hair styling. And then the style that suspenders pour in your persona is undeniably audacious.

Horse shoe mustache:

The thing is- you got to nurture mustache and facial hair, once they’re grown you can proudly bring yourself that royal and vintage styling horse shoe mustache. This beard style will enliven your manhood and bring you that impressive mature look. Manliness and blazer walk hand in hand at work!

Wild west mustache:

Woah! A well combed wild west mustache will transform the way you look! Such beard styling provides the required weight to the overall face-look. A classy and inviting beard style for those who don’t give a damn!

Just half inch facial hair:

Remember this guy from transformer movie?  Yes, Stanely Tucci is one of hottest bald (but with beard) guys in Hollywood. His entire look was based on how an official guy must be look like so it’s strongly recommended to the office goers to grow the half inch of beard on face and go impressive.

Just a mustache, nothing else:

Yes, a well grown, shaped and combed mustache is impressive in all ways! Either it’s about going office, hitting the party or a road trip party with your cool gang. You know, a man with mustache will always get the attention even though he’s around with many beardo guys. Mustache never goes out of fashion!

Adorable yet killer Soul patch!

It’s totally fine if you don’t want any facial hair and love clean shave yet you got a option. Just leave the few hairs just below your lower lip and shape it as shown in image. This decent yet sexy looking soul patch can surely find you a match.

Mid-range beard:

Did you know most of the celebs got this facial styling! Well, this might look simple but is not! Grow hair for 6-7 days and trim the boundary so as to give your facial hair a significant shape. And now, let them grow for more 1-2 days and enjoy the dashing beard.

Balbo, #BigBaldBalbo:

This cool beard styling was first done by Italian invader in WWII, name was italo balbo, so that’s where the name came from. A mustache along with dense facial hair on cheeks and chin, grow them at least for 2-3 weeks before you shape them. Tip- make sure you start trimming from the ears so you can maintain the ratio on both sides.

Hope you guys enjoyed beard styles for bald men. But what if you don’t or you can’t have facial hair for any reasons, you can still admire yourself as the way you are, don’t forget the Vin Diesel. Be a beardo! Style at work when outfits are casual turns heads when bald is the head and face has a heavy beard!  #BigBaldBearded


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