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45 Cool Beard Styles for Men with Round Face 

45 Cool Beard Styles for Men with Round Face 

To choose a hairstyle or a beard style is like trying to climb a big mountain. It’s intimidating and tiring. And then there is the added pressure of choosing the style as per your face shape. Because no matter how tough that sounds, it’s a necessary evil. So I get it, you just have no


How to Survive a Narcissistic Mother | Heal Yourself Towards Sanity

Self-centered. Self-absorbed. Self-obsessed! What am I talking about? Well, those are the words we use to describe a narcissistic person. And I feel really sorry for you if you happen to know one such person, aka your mother. You need a dose of inspiration and happiness to survive this. Not all mothers are great and


30 Halloween Makeup Tutorials for Scary yet Fairy Look

Witches have hats and pumpkins are ready, Don up your brave faces we have some ghosts to beat, And don’t forget to stock up on candies, Because little monsters are shouting – Trick or treat???!! Happy Halloween everyone! Why am I wishing it days before Halloween? Well, because you are not gonna spend your Halloween