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40 Most Beautiful Wedding Speech Quotes

40 Most Beautiful Wedding Speech Quotes

The bride is wearing white, The groom looks to be in the haze of a spell, Time to gather and rejoice, With the tinkling of wedding bells. Do you hear the bells ringing? Oh, there is still a little time for the Christmas bells. What you are listening to right now are the blissful wedding


50 Bobby Pin Hairstyles that can be done in 3 Minutes

Bobby pins are the most used accessory when you need to get a pretty hairstyle. But did you know that you could create gorgeous hairstyles by using only the bobby pins? If no, then now you will know. Bobby pins are very common and cheap hair accessories that you can use conveniently any day. Apart


The Ultimate Whole-Body Makeup Contouring Guide to Shape it Right

Makeup became a lot more when the contouring came into existence. Now, we might not have a slim body like those models but with contouring, our faces tell a different story. High cheekbones, slim nose, highlighted cheeks, we have got all of it covered with the contouring. But what about those puffy arms and flabby