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8 Fast and Effective Exercises to Reduce Armpit Fat

8 Fast and Effective Exercises to Reduce Armpit Fat

There must have been times when you wanted to wear a cute strapless dress but the disgusting flabby skin full of fat near your armpit made you decide not to wear it! This stubborn fat has been partying on your body for a long time and believe us, it is one of the late leavers


45 Professional Blazer Outfits For Working Women to Try this Summer

Ah! Finally, those chilly winters as gone! As we bid adieu to the winters and welcome summers, we don’t want to lose on to those blazers! Why? Because it instantly gives our outfits a professional look for a business or board meeting and makes a rather casual outfit transformed into a formal one. However, while


45 Best Hairstyles for Long Faces to Try beards are for men, hair, for women are the thing that changes her look in less than a minute! Yes! Those lovely locks make you look adorable. However, hairstyles and haircuts are something that you need to choose very carefully. Why? Because they can make or break your style in a snap of your