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40 Smart Outfit Layering Ideas when it’s Cold AF

40 Smart Outfit Layering Ideas when it’s Cold AF

Deciding what to wear on a really cold winter day or night can be very challenging. You may feel like wearing your favorite dress or skirt for a girls’ day out or for a perfect date. But then, you realize it is chilly out there and you may catch flu! Well, why not try to


40 Ways to Wear Knee High Boots Outfit this Winter

Life is stressful – balancing work, personal life and upon that the stress to look perfect. With changing climates, so does dressing sense! Indeed, women always have this constant ‘what to wear’ at the back of their mind! It is a famous quote that says, even if life hits you hard, always dress well. That


45 Long and Full Beard Styles

There was a time when a mustache used to be a man’s pride, his display of machoism while having a long beard was something that people used to frown upon. Well, it’s the 21st century! Today, both the beard and the mustache are kept as a style statement. While mustache is common to have, long beards