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More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

Be it oxfords’, derbys’ or brogues’, dress shoes with a unique lacing style add the sexy to your personality and make you look chic and modish. Come to think of it, lacing shoes with unique styles have not been a creation of the modern era as it has been present for quite some time. However


A Guide to Choosing Eyebrow Razors for Women

Women are no longer afraid to experiment with their facial hair. Away from dermabrasion, fashion savvy women are making stylish statements, not with shaving buy styling hair on their brows. In the yesteryears, eyebrow shaving was a popular practice, especially in the Orient. Today, there are versatile tools that will help you shave your eyebrows


6 Hand and Nail Care During Summer for Healthy Hands

Hands and nails say a lot about a person, from their lifestyle choices, work ethics, or age. While those with smooth hands and perfectly manicured fingernails enjoy the benefits of this reality, those with unfavorable extremities opt to keep them hidden. From working on the job to household chores and seasonal conditions, Hand and Nail


Dressing For Your Body Shape – Men’s Fashion Guide

It is a radical vogue sin, both men and women are guilty of, we dress according to what’s in trend, rather than what really suits us. Well, we all know what it results to, some terrible outfit that does not fits you perfectly. We often associate women with dressing according to their body shape, as

Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

5 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

Cats age gracefully. However, they still age, and there is such thing as cat years. Unfortunately, most felines can’t avoid various elderly cat health problems. What can we do to help them? – Just be prepared and control the kitty’s conditions, trying to prevent or minimize progression of the disease. But do you know exactly